Dorothy looks over the huge crowd

The Wizard of Oz

Photos from the LACMA Free Family Film Festival

August 20th, 2004

 The evening was pure magic.Experienced movie goers all snug as a bug.

Crowd and screen perspective from only 1/2 way back.The famous Hansens tinman


























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The lion looks over the crowd.

Entering the haunted forest.

Everyone enters the Emerald City

Any closer and they would be in the movie.

A special thank you to Hansens.

View perspective from 1/2 way back.

A magical night for everyone.

The Scarecrow and the Hansens tinman made by set designer Rita Obermeyer

Early arrivals playing in the VIP bean bag section.

Front row seating.

All bundled up for the wizard.

Well prepared outdoor movie experts.

Is this a good witch or a bad witch...

the VXP Vision station

The projector light stands out from above.

A full moon shines over a full crowd.

The Wizard of Oz was LACMA's largest movie crowd.

VXP's huge Imagacolor screen and cinematic sound system gave everyone a great seat.

The LACMA Green night view from Fairfax.

Everyone all settled in.

The magical night held everyones attention.

Early arrivals seen from high above.