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    The Vision Experience (VXP) has been fusing abstract imagery, landscapes, and live cameras into a new visual art form called “Vision Mixing.”  A multimedia production company, known for their live vision mixing, video installation art and projections, VXP has created multi media environments for events across the art and entertainment spectrum including Pop Culture, Performance, Dance, Fashion, Music and Art.


    Some of their clients and recent performances have included;

    LACMA, The Sundance Film Festival, Coachella, Music Video Production Awards, Showtime, Paramount, Warner, Disney, Fox, That 70’s Show, Elle Magazine, Diesel, William Morris, Carsey Warner, MTV, Nick at Night, Jennifer Lopez, Will Smith, The LA Lakers and many more.

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Look for the vision experience throughout the Los Angeles area at private and public performance events, and stay tuned for the big Holiday Forest project.VXP will be at at the Sundace Film Festival with an even bigger presence Jan 2007

All of VXP's Products we offer are designed for the event performer and producer. We do countless events each year and take all of the information we learn from our events and transfer it into our products. We are constantly pushing the envelope and trying to improve and grow with the quality and functionality of our movie screens. We design and sell the best possible product with the features that set us apart. We really started manufacturering our movie screens because the features we wanted did not exist. Our screens are designed for the performance professional and our Audio Video Workstations and systems are the most technolically advanced ever offered. With projectors and video formats and content changing so fast. we work directly with the manufatures of the technology we put into our AV workstations to make sure everything in design to be integrated with technology that is happening today.

Made with pride in the USA, VXP strives and a manufacturer and performance production company to give you the most exciting performance items offered - not only today but as a foundation for the future.



  The Vision Experience


  The Vision Experience