SA Series Inflatable Screens

Self Attached Inflatable Screen. The Most Affordable Outdoor Movie Screen Solution You Can Find. Faster setup. Brighter Screen. Designed to beat the price barrier of expensive inflatable movie screens.

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Compact and Portable

EZ Fit on Dolly

1 Person can roll it out

Rolling Out

Fast, Fun, and EZ

Unfolding Screen into Position

Screen in permanently Attached for even quicker setup

Pulling out all of the corners

Full Screen layed out

Sometimes you can put a few quick seconds of air into the screen to make putting the screen into position a little easier.

As you will learn, having the screen completely laid out will make the full inflation much smoother. A little blast of air helps to set the screen into position.

Blower is very quiet

550 watts, and weights under 30 pounds

Screen Airtube Ties onto the blower. Make sure this is tight so you do not lose air pressure.

Plug in and inflate begins

Full inflatation will only take a few minutes

While the blowers are a very simple and long lasting motor design, VXP suggests you purchase a backup blower just in case.

When you turn off the blower, the screen will colapse in seconds. Then you unzip the air escape pocket. If you get all of the air out before folding back up, it will be easier to fold up.

Attach ropes to tether connections before inflating

Place people on the tethers for saftey as the screen inflates, and stake immediately. Always side with caution and saftey. This screen is a big structure.

Tie with a good knot. Some people make their own ropes with metal clips on the ends for quicker connecting.

After ropes are secured, you are ready to inflate

Make sure your air escape pocket is zipped up

Inflating is the fun part

As you inflate, place people on the ropes for safety

As the screen inflates, you will pull the screen into position

The screen sometimes will need help snapping up into final position. As you will learn with a couple practice setups,  this will be very very easy.

And...up she goes...

Heave duty stiching and material

Detailed and designed by outdoor movie producers with your needs in mind

Permanently Attached Screen. Spot bleans with mild soap and water.

Tethers for safety

Back Support Design

Beautiful and slim profile

Clean Look. Screen is 4 feet up off the ground

This affordable design makes inflatables affordable for the first time.

15 X 20 foot Screen in a frame over 20 feet high

You could project onto the back side of the screen if you absolutely HAD to setup with the wind blowing from the other side

Looks great from every angle

Good back picture

Good size Prospective shot

Side picture

With inflatable screens you can setup in great creative places

Good Poster Shot

Sunset approaches

Poster shot 2

 Pic of our screen production space

There you have it, the VXP 2015SA Inflatable Self Attached Screen. The most affordable inflatable screen solution you can find.