DS-PRO Series Inflatable Screens

This design allows the screen easily detatch from the frame. You can purchase several different screens to meet your changing needs and movie requirements. You can add a Seamless Rear Projection screen, a Bright white with black backing (to block rear ambient light) and we can make custom screens to fit any of your performance demands.


The VersaStretch is a good wind sheer lightweight screen and meets most all purpose uses. We include this screen with purchase. For more information contact VXP at 800-544-6898


The Pro-Line of Detachable Screens

DS Pro Screens Detactch and can bereplaced with several different screens to accomidate all of your outdoor movie requirements

Professional Quality for an affordable price

Screen, Inflatable Frame, and Blower fit easily in a small pickup bed

Blower, Screen, and Frame...super compact

It is amazing that this will become the entire Outdoor Theater Structure

This Inflatable for the 15 X 20 Screen folds up tight and compact

i person can roll out the Inflatable Frame

Pulling  out the 4 corners

Putting the frame into place

Putting the back support of the frame into inflate position

Very easy to layout

When frame is layed out, position the blower

Place the blower

PHoto of blower when setup completely

When the screen is laid out and blower attached you are ready to attach the screen

If you turn on the blower for a few seconds, this will make the frame inflate a little. The screen will be easier to attach this way.

The sides of the frame will lift up a couple feet for screen attachment.

When frame is inflated like pictures, turn off the blower and prepare screen for attachment

The frame has D rings every foot around the perimeter for screen attachment

The D rings can connect to the screen several ways

Reinforced straps will hold the screen securely

Bring out the screen

Lay the screen into position

Attach the screen to the D rings

Work your way around the frame attaching each D ring

All D rings Attached

Pull the frame into inflate position.

Begin inflating the screen. Note - make sure the air escape chambers are closed

Up the frame goes

Picture of Frame only as it inflates

The AS Frame 15 X 20 size

Frame View

Front of frame shows a row of screen connection D rings

Frame Front View

Good Side View

Strong Back support structure

Frame shot from the back

Frame view

Sky view

Sky view with screen attached

Streamline side view

Screen lower side angle

Screen from back

Good screen view of back support

Wide angle

Direct side angle

All ready for the movie

Blower from the side

Screen Promo Picture

Please excuse our mess...