Vision Mixing allows you to bring several elements together to create a one-of-a-kind event by using the latest in technology...

 ...customized to your perfection.

You can look at the Layout Examples link for some past VXP setups and ideas. The Event designer Tools link has an itemized list of the items you can bring together to design your event. VXP will work with you and your ideas, the event space possibilities, and your budget to design an event you and your guests will never forget.

Here are a few ways VXP can Vision Mix your event.

Place screens around an entire tennis court or perimeter of your room. Everyone can have dinner Under the Sea, In the Clouds, in the Rainforest, or be surrounded by  Sunsets from around the World. After dinner the room becomes a Video Dance Party Paradise. The dream possibilities are endless...

Set up the big screens for your premiere and turn the room into music video dance party immediately  after the premiere ends. We did this several times at Sundance 2004 and it was a great way to bring the Premiere and afterparty together. We also played all of the fun out-takes and special video content at the afterparty as well. 

Creative spaces lend themselves to creative screen setups all around to make a Big Time” impression on your guests. Besides movie screens, also consider projecting on bare walls, brick, cement and other textured surfaces for added effect.

For low key cocktail and lounge style atmospheres, vision mixed material can be more subtle. As we mix the right beats, the visual content can be more thematic to match your event, or be visual with an array of color washes and imagicolor images that are all created on the fly. They will bring energy, but are more ambient and designed to add to the entire feel and emotion of the room.

 Karaoke with multiple cameras and on 30 foot screens.

Screens and music in multiple rooms bring together the smaller spaces with continuity.. This also allows events such as larger premieres to be at a location with several smaller rooms. Now You can have the hip and cool location for the premiere and the afterparty, Vision Mixing  solves the problem of having to get everyone into the same room. Other locations such as multi-level yachts, and indoor/outdoor setups over 100 yards away can have all the same continuity....and to show how versatile "Vision Mixing" can also have all of the separate rooms switch from the same music and visuals to completely separate  visuals at will...something to think about...

Movies, personal videos, logos and graphics, cameras, and the right music beats make a “Vision Mixing” event the ultimate in customized private event entertainment.