Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory Photos from the Lake Arrowhead Free Family Movie Night



















Seeing her first Oompah Loompah from afar

Thank You Hansen's

We are going to see a Movie about Chocolate?

The VXP Workstation

The excitement builds


All Nestled in for a movie under the starts

Beach chairs and blankets

The new Arrowhead Beach

The Golden Ticket Winners

Sound Engineer Joe Gomez, Interactive MC Amy Huntington, and Michael Vosse watch from the Vision Station


Thank You to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Thank you to our sponsors

Hansen's gave everyone free sodas and smoothies

Willie and Oompah number one in action

Event Producer Michael Vosse starts the show with Willy

Lucky kids with an Oompah enjoying the movie with them

No problem keeping their attention

Vision Station

Sound Engineer Joe Gomez mixing in style

The Vision Station


Arrowhead Village enjoys the new visitors

Would You Like a Golden Ticket?

Alyssa, Britney, Breanna, Chlsea

Dominick with Willy and Oompah

Chavelle, Amanda with Willy and Oompah

Lucas with Willy and Oompah

Ethan with Willy Wonka

Kiley with Willie Wonka

Brandon with Willie Wonka

Ryan and Kathy with Willy Wonka

Travis and Alicia with the Chocolate Factory

Barbie, Michelle, Brandon with the Wonka Gang

VXP's Joe Gomez, Hector Contreras, Robert Moreno, Willy Wonka, Michael Vosse, Reuben Contreras, Amy Huntington, Oompah number one and Ryan

Ashley and Kendra from Rocky Mountain Chocolate

Gifts from Willy and Oompah Loompah number one

MC Robert Moreno provides pre-movie entertainment