Custom 7.1 Premiere 3D audio Video Workstation build for

The Big Screen


Table of Contents

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Overview 1

General Overview The Big Screen 7.1 Premiere Custom System

General Introduction to a series of online videos for the new Custom 7.1 Premiere 3D system built exclusively for The Big Screen in Canada

Overview 2

System Overview

Overview of all of the components built into the new Custom 7.1 Premiere 3D

Overview 3

Overview of the 3D Blu-ray DVD Players

Overview 4

Overview of the power conditioners and power management for all of the devices built into the new Custom 7.1 Premiere 3D system

Overview 5

Overview of all of the Pre-wired inputs connected to the side of the workstation

Overview 6

Overview of the innovative remote control management for all of the devices

Overview 7

Overview of the UMC-1 Receiver and how it is completely integrated into the new Custom 7.1 Premiere 3D system

Overview 8

Overview of the Matrix Projector Switcher

Overview 9

Overview of the video input options from outside devices you want to connect to the workstation

Manual 1

Showing how to set up the custom case and side table

Manual 2

Showing how to power up the workstations 2 power conditioners

Manual 3 -None

Manual 4

Shows the different speaker connections pre-wired

Manual 5

Showing how to set up the 4 stereo wireless transmitters and connect them

Manual 6

Showing how to set up the wireless audio receivers

Manual 7

Linking the audio transmitters to the receivers

Manual 8

Dual Projector outputs controlled by the 4 X 2 Matrix Switcher

Manual 9

3D Blu-Ray DVD Players VIDEO Connections HDMI, Component and Composite

Manual 10

HDMI Audio Connections for the Blu Ray 3D DVD Players

Manual 11

UMC -1 Receiver inputs and audio/video set-up channels

Manual 12

2D to 3D conversion

Manual 13

Setting up the Projectors for 3D and the 3D options

Manual 14

Dual Monitors and 3 Quad Processors

Manual 15

The UMC1 HDMI On off switch for monitor and HD recorder options

Manual 16

Connecting the HDD Media Player and Recorder

Manual 17

Setting up the Calibration for the 7.1 Surround Sound Speakers Setup

Manual 18

Seconday Pre-Amp for multiple Audio Zones and Wireles Mic opt

Manual 19

Wireless Mic and recharchable features

Manual 20

Connecting your wireless receivers to the workstation

Manual 21

Connecting the wireless video transmitters and receivers thru the workstation

Manual 22

Showing how to connect the HDMI Connections thru the cat5 cable converters to the workstation. Connect the wired video cable for independant monitors